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23 août 2013

Tips on Buying a Brand New Dell P5413 Laptop Battery

When looking for Dell P5413 Laptop Battery, there are a few significant aspects that have to be taken into consideration by the user. Before you make your decision on which laptop to purchase, you need to look at a few important features of the machines such as memory storage, processor speed, and random access memory. Despite all of these aspects, a good laptop is usually determined by the most valuable part of the device, which is its battery. Given below are some effective suggestions on how to make the right decision.


The battery of a laptop plays a vital role in helping your laptop to step up to its true portability status, which cannot be achieved when you buy a cheap laptop battery. If you purchase a battery for Dell P5413, which is malfunctioned, or not good, then you will need to plug your personal computer throughout the period you will be using it. It will be difficult for you to carry it around with you to work at a place where there is no power source like in a train, or bumps. Due to the advancement in technology, if you are looking to buy a laptop battery for you, then it must be able to provide power for at least three to five hours.


However, the amount of time your Dell P5413 Laptop Battery will provide power will largely depend upon the programs you will be using, and the power needed to run your computer. There is nothing more frustrating than to have a Dell battery that can no longer sustain enough power as it used to while you are desperately trying to meet an important deadline on an important job or assignment. If this has happened to you way too often, then getting a cheap laptop battery that will work for you free of any issues. All you need to do is to make good amount of research to find what you are looking for.


Nowadays, you will find a number of manufacturers that you can buy your replacement batteries from. However, your major concern should be whether or not what you are going to purchase is compatible with the part number you want to purchase from your local dealers. With that said, you must not just go for any random battery that will not suit your laptop computer. What you must do is that you need to have accurate information about the part number you want to purchase from your local dealers.


When buying a battery or a Dell adapter for P5413, you are required to undergo a lot of research and planning to help you choose the right battery for you. If you intend to do online shopping, then you must know which type of online retailer you should get your laptop from. Search for unbiased reviews regarding different reputable online retailers. Perform diligent research to know what their past customers have to say about the company and its business practices. Never make a quick decision without indulging into the desired thought-process on what you should buy for your laptop and where to get your desired item.


DELL P5413 Battery

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16 août 2013

How to Maximize the Performance of a Battery Dell XPS 15?

New Battery Dell XPS 15 normally comes in discharged state, like various other newly purchased laptop batteries. You should charge it by following the instructions provided in the users’ manual before using it into your laptop. If you are using it for the first time or after a long storage time, you should go through two or three fully charging and discharging cycles to charge your laptop battery to its maximum capacity. You will be conditioning your battery by charging and discharging it several times as it will enable it to perform for a longer time.


Dell XPS 15 battery, like most of the other rechargeable laptop batteries, gets discharged by itself if not used for several days, say more than a month, at a stretch. If you are not using it for a long time then you should store it in a cool and dry place after charging it fully. Your refrigerator can be an ideal place for storing your battery after sealing it thoroughly in a poly bag and applying silica gel.


You should charge and discharge your Dell XPS 15 battery frequently, after every two or three weeks, to condition it to work up to its optimum capacity. If you do not adopt this procedure regularly, you can get it damaged very soon. You can easily discharge your battery completely by running your laptop on it without connecting it to a power plug. Either your laptop will stop working by itself or give you an alert signal when your battery will be drained out completely. After completely discharging your battery you should start charging it again by following the instructions provided in the users’ manual.


Another way to improve the performance of your Dell XPS 15 battery is by using Dell XPS 15 adapter. It is one of the perfect methods to enhance the performance of your battery as well as laptops. Use of proper battery charger not only improves the run time of the battery but also its life as use of improper battery charger can also damage your battery very soon. Instead of considering the cost of battery charger you should focus on its suitability to your battery to enhance its life and performance. Sometimes you battery gives an indication of getting fully charged just after a few minutes of connecting it to a power plug. It is not abnormal thing, so you should not worry. You should only take off the battery from your laptop and reinstall it and follow the instruction of the manual to start charging it again.


Proper storing of your Battery Dell XPS 15 is another way to enhance its performance and life. You should store it properly whether you are using it continuously are not. Never leave your laptop in a humid or hot environment to keep your battery safe for a long time. If you are using it after long time then you should remember to charge it fully before using it in your laptop.


Thus the life and performance of your Dell XPS 15 battery can be optimized by following the instructions of the users’ manual.


DELL XPS 15 Battery

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12 août 2013

All You Need to Know About a Dell Laptop Battery P5413 and Adapter

Dell laptop battery P5413 is easy to use and up to date. Any product which is used as well as technology friendly is the most desirable one.

Battery for Dell P5413 and adapters are the results of immense research and development considering the guidelines of ISO9001-2000 and also CE and UL certified. These batteries are portable and quite easy to handle even when you are working outdoors for a long time. Dell also provides one full year guarantee from the date of purchase and also a 30 day cash back policy is there, if any issues with quality are found.



Two types of specifications are available for Dell P5413 batteries in the market.


Battery chemistry: 6 Lithium ion cells which provide continuous charging up for many hours without plugging in your laptops. Voltage: 14.8V, capacity: 5200mA, weight: 310.24gm, dimensions (l*w*h): 151.2X78.3X22.2mm color: dark gray


Type -2

Battery chemistry: Ni-MH voltage: 9.6V, capacity: 4500mA, weight: 640gm, dimensions (l*w*h): 145X34.85X5.60 mm, color: dark gray


Any of them can be chosen according to the requirements.


Dell laptop battery P5413 fits to the following laptop models:

Dell Inspiron 1000 battery, Dell Inspiron 1200 battery, Dell Inspiron 2200 battery, Dell latitude 110L battery


Compatible laptop batteries codes are:

Dell 312-0334, Dell 312-0347, Dell-G9817, Dell -9343, P5413, Dell W5173


Dell P5413 Battery care:

Initially when you purchase the battery it is always in a discharged mode and it is essential to charge it completely before use.


Steps to charge and discharge Dell P5413 laptop battery:

-Install the battery in the laptop. -Disconnect the adapter and use your laptop until it itself gets shut down. At this time your battery is fully discharged. -Now connect the Ac adapter and your battery will start getting charged. -And then charge the battery fully.


When you charge the Dell P5413 laptop battery for the first time, it may show fully charged condition initially though it is not charged fully. In such circumstances, one should remove the battery and let it get cooled down for fifteen minutes and then place it in the battery bay again. It is recommended to fully charge and discharge your battery 2-4 times to allow having optimum rate capacity. The new Dell battery for P5413 gets heated up while charging or using it but it is quite usual. Sometimes, recharging a new Dell P5413 battery may need extra time if the gauge procedure finds difficulties.


How to optimize the Dell P5413 battery performance:

-It is highly advised to circle (fully charge and discharge) the battery at least once in a month. The exception is for Li-ion battery because it doesn- suffer from the memory effect. -Clean the battery with alcohol or a cotton swab as it helps to maintain a good connection between the device and the battery and also, keep it away from water and dust. -The overheated area should strictly be avoided for storage of battery as in this condition it is really prone to exposure. -One should also avoid frequent overcharging.


Additionally, Dell adapter for P5413 plays a significant role to ensure optimum performance of your battery and laptop. It is designed using such techniques so that it can profoundly resist short circuit and overheating. It is fully compatible with Dell P5413 battery.


From all the above discussion, It can be easily deduced that Dell P5413 batteries and adapters help you to improve your working style as you can work for longer hours without worrying about power supply etc. But in addition to this, it is also required to give appropriate care to your battery so that it can perform well in the long run.


DELL P5413 Battery

Replacement Dell P5413 Laptop Battery 8 Cell 9.6V 4500mAh dark grey AU$67.54


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